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Helena Name

Gender : Female

Origin : Greek

Popularity : 534

Helena Name Meaning

A form of helen. See also ilena.

Helena is a girl name that comes from the Greek origin. Helena name consists of 6 letters that have 3 vowels, 3 consonants and starts with H. It is listed in the top 1000 popular baby girl names in the United States in 2015. Helena is a given name that is most common in English speaking countries, its number 230 in Australia and in the top 100 in Spain. The Greek baby girl name Helena first appeared on the female naming lists in 1910 in Connecticut. 579 girls were named Helena and this year, Helena sits at number 534 in the U.S. charts - 35 points decline from number 499 in 2014, and as a first name, its highest position is in 2014 since 1880. Also it is most popular in California with recorded 85 babies given name Helena in 2015 in this state. It is listed in the top 1000 popular baby girl names in the United Kingdom in 2015 and given name Helena succeed to enter the top 500 in France in the same year and 159 parents have chosen Helena in UK. However, its popularity rank in England and Wales is 300, Scotland is 252 and North Ireland rank is 269. Also celebrity likes this name and Kelly Rutherford & Daniel Giersch ( as Helena Grace ) have given Helena name their daughter.

Variations : Halayna, Halaynah, Halena, Halina, Helayna, Helaynah, Heleana, Heleanah, Heleena, Heleenah, Helenah, Helenia, Helenka, Helenna, Helina, Helinah, Hellaina, Hellana, Hellanah, Hellanna, Hellena, Hellenna, Helona, Helonna, Helyna, Helynah.

Helena given name
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Helena Name Numerology

Helena name personality number is 7. This ability to see through people coupled with their intelligence skills can make them intimidating to others initially. Seven people are seekers of truth , but always looking for the greater wisdom in all experience. They are keenly observant and highly intelligent. The seven personality tends to be somewhat introverted. People often see them as wise or old souls.

Helena name soul urge number is 2. This is where they good at, and people often appreciate them for such a talent. People with this soul urge are the natural peace keepers who seek to bridge gaps and bring others together in the spirit of cooperation and harmony. Your soul urge is to be admired and loved by all. The height of personal gratification for you is to be desired by a special someone. You have an enormous faith in other people and if they do let you down you tend to behave, as it is the end of the world.

Helena name expression number is 9. Such personalities are generous, tender-hearted and easily swayed by people in need and by emotions. They are driven by a need to be accepted and loved by others and often become very well known or famous for their efforts. They are the lofty idealist that inspire us to aim higher. Also they are typically highly artistic and creative and use those talents to promote a cause. hey are driven by a need to be accepted and loved by others and often become very well known or famous for their efforts. This number indicates that you get to a certain point at which to begin a breakthrough, and in this lifetime can use all that acquired in the course of evolution, and to fulfill the main task of your appearance.

Helena name balance number is 8. The person tends to have much creativity and also the leadership ability to find solutions. They need to learn to be systematic and organized. They like to do and complete things as fast as possible at any cost. People with balance number 8 lack patience. You need to learn to be systematic and organized. You like to do and complete things as fast as possible at any cost. When faced with a problem, you get nervous and confused and worsen the situation. Sometimes you compromise with your integrity and honesty.

Letter Analyis For Helena Name

  • H has a great deal of business acumen and will therefore find profits through most endeavours. When it is the first consonant of a name the bearer is likely to be successful in business. Positively, successful, self-contained and negatively, self-absorbed.
  • E is a friendly number which is warm hearted, loving and compassionate. When it is the first vowel in a name the bearer is freedom loving and charming. Positively, entertaining, intellectual and negatively, unreliable.
  • L represents action. It is charitable and well adjusted but can be somewhat accident prone. Positively, charitable, managerial and negatively, accident-prone.
  • E is a friendly number which is warm hearted, loving and compassionate. When it is the first vowel in a name the bearer is freedom loving and charming. Positively, entertaining, intellectual and negatively, unreliable.
  • N represents imagination. It is intuitive and communicative. Positively, N can be intuitive, certain but negatively, it can be covetous.
  • A has a great deal of confidence which enables it to achieve objectives. When it is the first vowel in a name, the bearer tends to be alert and bold. Positively, A can be leader, confident but negatively, arrogant.

Helena Name Poem

  • H is for Heady, intoxicating company
  • E is for Earnest, ever sincere
  • L is for Light-hearted, you have an easy laughter
  • E is for Earnest, ever sincere
  • N is for Neat, carefully organized
  • A is for Alluring, so attractive

Famous People Named Helena

  • Helena of Constantinople Companion, b. 240
  • Helena Blavatsky Writer, b. 1831
  • Helena Bonham Carter The King's Speech
  • Helena Mattsson Iron Man 2
  • Helena Christensen Allegro
  • Helena Bergström Änglagård
  • Helena-Alexis Seymour Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)
  • Helena Kallianiotes Five Easy Pieces
  • Helena Marie Stagecoach: The Texas Jack Story
  • Helena Af Sandeberg Hypnotisören
  • Helena Barrett Stunts, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • Helena Klevorn Prison Break
  • Helena Rojo El privilegio de amar
  • Helena Carter Invaders from Mars
  • Helena Michell The Neverending Story II: The Next Chapter
  • Helena May Seabrook Ping Pong Summer
  • Helena Barlow Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
  • Helena Carroll General Hospital
  • Helena Albergaria Que Horas Ela Volta?
  • Helena Humann The Last Picture Show
  • Helena Holmes Art Director, The Beheading of Barry Lynch
  • Helena Charbila Bereave
  • Helena Ruzicková Slunce, seno a pár facek
  • Helena-Lia Tachovská Hannibal Rising
  • Helena Mallarino Las ejecutivas
  • Helena Phil Wolfskinder
  • Helena Grace Donald Actor, Hellraiser: Judgment
  • Helena Collins O'Connor Black Mirror
  • Helena Sweet Anal Empire 5
  • Helena Habes Highland
  • Helena McCarthy Staggered
  • Helena Luke Ek Naya Rishta
  • Helena Ramos A Mulher Sensual
  • Helena Lützow Die Königin der Nacht
  • Helena Apothaker Switch
  • Helena Flaugher-Sullivan Producer, The Rush Chairman
  • Helena Canhoto A Canção de Lisboa
  • Maria Helena Doering Bella Calamidades
  • Helena Taberna Director, La buena nueva
  • Helena Mehalis Soundtrack, In My Sleep
  • Helena Paparizou Self, The Eurovision Song Contest
  • Helena Assis Weird Wild Wonderful Days of School

Movies With The Name Helena In The Title

  • Die schöne Helena (1975 TV Movie)
  • The Ocean of Helena Lee (2015)
  • Helena - Die anderen Leben (2005)
  • Helena (1924)
  • Memória de Helena (1969)
  • Napoleon auf St. Helena (1929)
  • Duas Vezes com Helena (2000)
  • Hermia & Helena (2016)
  • Las hijas de Helena (1963)
  • Pää pystyyn Helena (1957)
  • ...ja Helena soittaa (1951)
  • Näkemiin Helena (1955)
  • Helena from the Wedding (2010)
  • The Haunting of Helena (2012)
  • Soita minulle, Helena! (1948)
  • Boxing Helena (1993)
  • Sköna Helena (1951)
  • Helena y Fernanda (1970)
  • Helena Handbag
  • Helena (IV) (2016)
  • Fascination: Helena's Story (2016)
  • The Awakening of Helena Ritchie (1916)
  • Die Gemeinde von Sankt Helena und ihr Kaplan (1919)
  • Sköna Helena (1967 TV Movie)
  • Die Helena des Euripides (1970 TV Movie)

Fictional Characters Named Helena

  • Helena (A Midsummer Night's Dream (1999))
  • Helena (Se Eu Fosse Você 2 (2009))
  • Helena (Hispania, la leyenda (2010))
  • Helena Meisner (Liebe, Babys und der Zauber Afrikas (2009))
  • Helena Charles (Look Back in Anger (1959))
  • Helena Bertinelli (Justice League (2001))
  • Helena Douglas (Dead or Alive 4 (2005))
  • Helena Bonham Carter (Saturday Night Live (1975))
  • Helena (Páginas da Vida (2006))
  • Helena (Edward the Seventh (1975))
  • Helena
  • Helena (Orphan Black (2013))
  • Helena (Everlasting (2016))
  • Helena (Repentance (2013))
  • Helena (Deadlands 2: Trapped (2008))
  • Helena (ER (1994))
  • Helena (The War Boy (1985))
  • Héléna (Subway (1985))
  • Helena (The Crazy Ones (2013))
  • Helena (O Homem do Futuro (2011))
  • Helena (Men Seeking Women (1997))
  • Helena (Boxing Helena (1993))
  • Helena (Cadenas de amargura (1991))
  • Helena
  • Helena (Lua Vermelha (2010))
  • Helena (Four Last Songs (2007))
  • Helena (The Reluctant Widow (1950))
  • Helena (Hilfe, ich bin ein Junge (2002))
  • Helena (Marina (2013))
  • Helena (Jennifer Eight (1992))
  • Helena (Billions (2016))
  • Helena (Knife Fight (2012))
  • 'Helena' (Prince Charming (2001))
  • Helena (Desperate Housewives (2004))
  • Helena (Mirrormask (2005))
  • Helena (The Countess (2009))
  • Helena (Beleza Pura (2008))
  • Helena (You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger (2010))
  • Helena (Colony (2016))
  • Helena Harper (Biohazard Outbreak (2003))
  • Helena Vestman (Bröderna Östermans huskors (1925))
  • Helena Landless (The Mystery of Edwin Drood (1935))
  • Helena Cassadine (General Hospital (1963))
  • Helena Kowalczykowa (Kuchnia polska (1991))
  • Helena Halder (Komediantka (1988))
  • Katri-Helena (Love Records - Anna mulle Lovee (2016))
  • Helena Marcello (Schwarz greift ein (1994))
  • Helena Vondrácková (Tvoje tvár má známý hlas (2016))
  • Helena Blake (Mass Effect 2 (2010))
  • Helena Ravenclaw (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001))
  • Helena Kurcewiczówna (Ogniem i mieczem (1999))
  • Helena Peabody (The L Word (2004))
  • Helena Sierich (Derrick (1974))
  • Helena Pettersson
  • Helena Ayala (Traffic (2000))
  • Helena Hapstall (How to Get Away with Murder (2014))
  • Helena Toretti (Beyond the City Limits (2001))
  • Helena Bradley (Cold Case (2003))
  • Queen Helena (The Royals (2015))
  • Helena's Father (Battlestar Galactica: Razor (2007))
  • Helena Thyme (Rosemary & Thyme (2003))
  • Sister Helena (The Sarah Jane Adventures (2007))
  • Aunt Helena (The Amityville Horror (1979))
  • Helena 10v. (Putoavia enkeleitä (2008))
  • Helena Newman (The Second Civil War (1997))
  • Helena of Morphania (The Corridor People (1966))
  • Helena Glabrus (Spartacus (1960))
  • Helena Lewis (MDA (2002))
  • Helena Patterson (The Ghost and the Darkness (1996))
  • Doctor Helena (Kamenák 2 (2004))
  • Helena's Mother (Beyond the City Limits (2001))
  • Sister Helena (The Sarah Jane Adventures (2007))
  • Helena Hartford (Sex and Death 101 (2007))
  • Helena Kuula (Salatut elämät (1999))
  • Helena Meriläinen (Metsolat (1993))
  • Helena Borodine (Profilage (2009))
  • Helena Vesey (Mother Love (1989))
  • Helena Lazanowska (Pierwsza milosc (2004))
  • Helena Cardoso (Paraíso Tropical (2007))
  • Helena Votrubova (Human Trafficking (2005))
  • Helena Milos (Fargo (2014))
  • Helena Boye (Grey's Anatomy (2005))
  • Helena Rozhenko (Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987))
  • Helena Chatterjee (Newton's Law (2017))
  • Helena Lundkvist (Rederiet (1992))
  • Helena Tyler (Revelations (1994))
  • Helena Stawska (Lalka (1978))
  • Helena Amado (Adão e Eva (1995))
  • Helena Gabarro (Invisibles (2011))
  • Helena Handbasket (Friends (1994))
  • Helena Kyle (Birds of Prey (2002))
  • Helena Fisher (Ally McBeal (1997))
  • Helena Gelbke (Boston Public (2000))
  • Helena Marsh (Fantasy Island (1977))
  • Helena Pliotte
  • Helena Petersson (Fallet - Hagamannen (2009))
  • Helena Skarbek (Spies of Warsaw (2013))
  • Helena Villar (Roda de Fogo (1986))
  • Dr. Helena Russell (Space: 1999 (1975))
  • Admiral Helena Cain (Battlestar Galactica (2004))
  • Helena Friese-Greene (The Magic Box (1951))
  • Lisa Helena Fellini (Rock Hudson: Dark and Handsome Stranger (2010))
  • Helena von Lahnstein (Verbotene Liebe (1995))
  • Helena Brandão Salgado (Anjo Selvagem (2001))
  • Helena Bull Hansen (Constitutionens Voktere (2010))
  • Helena De Ridder (De Ridder (2013))
  • Dr. Helena Sandsmark (Young Justice: Legacy (2013))
  • Helena Moreno Romero (Por ella soy Eva (2012))
  • Commander Helena Braddock (Ghosts of Mars (2001))
  • Helena Moreno Romero (Por ella soy Eva (2012))

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