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Isabella Name

Gender : Female

Origin : Italian / Spanish

Popularity : 5

Isabella Name Meaning

Form of Isabel, T meaning “consecrated to God” Isabela, Isabelita, Isobella, Izabella, Isibella, Isibela, Isahella.

Isabella is a variation of Elizabeth. It’s a name that fell out of use after the 1940s, then appeared inthe top 1,000 in 1990, and less than twenty years later hit number two. The name is becoming theJennifer of its time. Look for it to sink just as quickly; popularity like this usually isn’t sustained forvery long. That said, the name itself is beautiful and more lyrical than Elizabeth and certainly moretraditional than Jennifer. The queen who sponsored Christopher Columbus’s journey was Isabella, aswere many other royals.

Isabella is a girl name that comes from the Italian / Spanish origin. Isabella name consists of 8 letters that have 4 vowels, 4 consonants and starts with I. It is listed in the top 1000 popular baby girl names in the United States in 2015. Isabella is a given name that is most common in English speaking countries, its number 19 in Australia , number 12 in Canada. It´s also popular in Scandinavia; it was a top name in Norway. The Italian / Spanish baby girl name Isabella first appeared on the female naming lists in 1910 in Alabama and it entered for the first time the Top 10 in 2004. 15504 girls were named Isabella and this year, Isabella sits at number 5 in the U.S. charts - 1 points decline from number 4 in 2014, and as a first name, its highest position is in 2010 since 1880. It´s significantly less popular than it was at its peak in 2010. Also it is most popular in California with recorded 2388 babies given name Isabella in 2015 in this state. It is listed in the top 1000 popular baby girl names in the United Kingdom in 2015 and 2876 parents have chosen Isabella in UK. However, its popularity rank in England and Wales is 8, Scotland is 42 and North Ireland rank is 29. Also some celebrities like this name and Josh Gad & Ida Darvish ( as Isabella Eve ), Matt Damon & Luciana Bozán Barroso ( as Isabella ) have given Isabella name their daughters.

Variations : Isabelle, Isobel, Isabela, Isabell, Izabella, Izabelle

Nicknames : Izzy, Isa, Belle, Bella

Alternatives : Arabella, Mirabella, Sarahbelle, Cornelia, Marcella

Isabella given name
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Isabella Name Numerology

Isabella name personality number is 9. This personality is seen as conscientious, inspiring and having a strong charisma and influence. The nine personality is naturally charming, very well-versed in many subjects, and very idealistic and positive. Nine personalities tend to be naturally able to lead groups of people and others tend to gravitate towards their strong positive energy.

Isabella name soul urge number is 7. They may also be described as rather private, reserved and secretive, but that explains why they understand inner feelings, aspirations and thoughts so well. They are driven by a need for deeper understanding and are often philosophical by nature. The highest calling of your soul is to learn about everything esoteric and scientific. It is knowledge that feeds your soul. You love to read and subjects such as history, science, physics, metaphysics, archaeology and religion fuel your rich imagination with ideas and inspiration. Many of you are geniuses and because of this one of the challenges of your number is to be understood by a stupid world.

Isabella name expression number is 7. The mission of such people is to share the acquired knowledge with the rest of human beings and then uncover truth and wisdom in all possible forms. People with a Seven expression number are very intelligent, intuitive. Seven people are motivated in life by a need for greater understanding and are often drawn to philosophical, spiritual. Seven people tend to be rather introverted and require a great deal of personal space in order to thrive. Have the clarity of thought and perseverance in the search for truth. Could become a scientist, a teacher in philosophy. You driven by a desire for justice and knowledge. You should learn to distinguish between the world of illusion and reality, you are well equipped to perform these tasks. Sharp mind helps you to learn the secrets of life.

Isabella name balance number is 9. Their strength is the ability to empathize with the concerns of others; an ability to understand. They are compassionate and understanding by nature. But you have the tendency to stay aloof. But you have the tendency to stay aloof. You like solitude but you are always there to support and help others in their difficult times. People sometimes tend to misunderstand you for your introverted nature.

Letter Analyis For Isabella Name

  • I represents law and as a general rule is sensitive, compassionate and humane. Positively, inspirational, impulsive and negatively, quick to anger.
  • S has very attractive attributes and instils wealth. negatively, S can act impulsively and cause massive upheavals to occur. Positively, S can be starter, magnetic but negatively, impulsive.
  • A has a great deal of confidence which enables it to achieve objectives. When it is the first vowel in a name, the bearer tends to be alert and bold. Positively, A can be leader, confident but negatively, arrogant.
  • B represents our emotional reactions. It is friendly, sympathetic and enjoys domesticity. Positively, B is bountiful, sensitive and negatively, belligerent.
  • E is a friendly number which is warm hearted, loving and compassionate. When it is the first vowel in a name the bearer is freedom loving and charming. Positively, entertaining, intellectual and negatively, unreliable.
  • L represents action. It is charitable and well adjusted but can be somewhat accident prone. Positively, charitable, managerial and negatively, accident-prone.
  • L represents action. It is charitable and well adjusted but can be somewhat accident prone. Positively, charitable, managerial and negatively, accident-prone.
  • A has a great deal of confidence which enables it to achieve objectives. When it is the first vowel in a name, the bearer tends to be alert and bold. Positively, A can be leader, confident but negatively, arrogant.

Isabella Name Poem

  • I is for Intelligent, quickness of mind
  • S is for Sincere, staying true
  • A is for Ardent, fiery passion
  • B is for Buoyant, you are irrepressible
  • E is for Enchanting, most alluring
  • L is for Lively, the life of the party
  • L is for Lively, the life of the party
  • A is for Ardent, fiery passion

Famous People Named Isabella

  • Isabella of Castile Politician, b. 1451
  • Isabella Rossellini Model, b. 1952
  • Isabella of Portugal Companion, b. 1503
  • Isabella of France Companion, b. 1292
  • Isabella II of Spain Politician, b. 1830
  • Isabella Gomez One Day at a Time
  • Isabella Rossellini Blue Velvet
  • Isabella Acres Hello, My Name Is Doris
  • Isabella Crovetti Joy
  • Isabella Hofmann Dear John
  • Isabella Alexander Fresh Off the Boat
  • Isabella Amara Wilson
  • Isabella Laughland Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
  • Isabella Giovinazzo Home and Away
  • Isabella Leong The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
  • Isabella Balbi American Crime Story
  • Isabella Soprano Thanks, Cathouse: The Series
  • Isabella Blake-Thomas Once Upon a Time
  • Isabella Kai Rice Unforgettable
  • Isabella Stone Big Booty White Girls 4
  • Isabella Cuda Willie and Me
  • Isabella Ragonese Tutta la vita davanti
  • Isabella Murad Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension
  • Isabella Jantz Ein Dorf sucht seinen Mörder
  • Isabella Revel The Kicks
  • Isabella Stone Color
  • Isabella De Leon Nasaan ka, Elisa?
  • Isabella Day Pitch
  • Isabella Ferrari Caos calmo
  • Isabella Brewster
  • Mia Isabella Sons of Anarchy
  • Isabella Großschopf Self, Dancing Stars: Das Geheimnis eines Welterfolgs
  • Isabella Melling The Man Who Cried
  • Isabella Pucci Dead Rising
  • Isabella Iannuzzi The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2
  • Isabella Clark Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
  • Isabella Grosso Smooch My Smackers
  • Suzo Vanja Isabella Self, LA Woman Rising
  • Isabella Camil Lo que es el amor
  • Isabella DeSantos Real Slut Party
  • Isabella Cascarano Beast Mode
  • Isabella Pappas Paranoid
  • Isabella Sanchez Doubting Thomas
  • Isabella Russo Untitled Kourtney Kang Project
  • Isabella Alberti Good Behavior

Movies With The Name Isabella In The Title

  • Fragments of Isabella (1989)
  • Yi sa bui lai (2006)
  • Isabella de Rosis (2011)
  • Laila Isabella (2003)
  • Isabella (1988)
  • Isabella, duchessa dei diavoli (1969)
  • T. Sventon och fallet Isabella (1991)
  • Untitled Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow project
  • The Search for Isabella V
  • Dickens and Isabella
  • Sexum superando: Isabella Morra (2005)
  • Miraculous Isabella (2017)
  • Isabella (2017)
  • The Secret Life of Isabella Ramsay
  • Isabella d'Este, la regista del potere (2011)
  • Ne fais pas ça Isabella (1967 TV Movie)

Fictional Characters Named Isabella

  • Isabella (Miami Vice (2006))
  • Isabella (Phineas and Ferb (2007))
  • Isabella (Robin Hood (2006))
  • Isabella Linton (Wuthering Heights (1992))
  • Isabella Linton (Hurlevent (1985))
  • Isabella Linton (O Morro dos Ventos Uivantes (1967))
  • Isabella Wardle (The Adventures of Mr. Pickwick (1921))
  • Isabella 'Ivy' Valentine (Soulcalibur V (2012))
  • Isabella (Desperadas (2007))
  • Isabella (Kat (2001))
  • Isabella (Big Nothing (2006))
  • Isabella (Doctor Who (2005))
  • Isabella (For Money or Love (2012))
  • Isabella (Galavant (2015))
  • Isabella (Accommodations (2017))
  • Isabella (Cristela (2014))
  • Isabella (Sidney )
  • Isabella (Honeymoon Academy (1989))
  • Isabella (Get Smart's Bruce and Lloyd Out of Control (2008))
  • Isabella (Darknet (2018))
  • Isabella (Vacation with Derek (2010))
  • Isabella (Sleep Away (2017))
  • Isabella (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011))
  • Isabella (Annie (2014))
  • Isabella (Falling Skies (2011))
  • Isabella (Nudity Required (1990))
  • Isabella (Letters to Juliet (2010))
  • Isabella (Perfect Couples (2010))
  • Isabella (Two and a Half Men (2003))
  • Isabella (Larry Gaye: Renegade Male Flight Attendant (2015))
  • Isabella (Lulu & Leon (2009))
  • Isabella (6 donne per l'assassino (1964))
  • Isabella (The Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003))
  • Isabella (Gotham (2014))
  • Isabella (The 24th Day (2004))
  • Isabella (Chicago Fire (2012))
  • Isabella (Tell Me You Love Me (2007))
  • Isabella (The Association (2015))
  • Isabella (Double Fault (2009))
  • Isabella (Hunting My Blood (2012))
  • Queen Isabella (Assassin's Creed (2016))
  • Isabella D'Este (Giorgione da Castelfranco, sulle tracce del genio (2010))
  • Isabella Knightley (Emma (1996))
  • Isabella Wardle (Pan Pickwick (1987))
  • Isabella Thorpe (Northanger Abbey (2007))
  • Isabella of Angoulême (Robin Hood (2010))
  • Isabella Vanger (Män som hatar kvinnor (2009))
  • Isabella Colbran (Casa Ricordi (1954))
  • Isabella Vanger (Män som hatar kvinnor (2009))
  • Isabella Santos (All My Children (1970))
  • Isabella Nordenstam (Glückliche Tage V - Der Kampf um die Macht (2001))
  • Isabella Matuzzi (Borgia (2011))
  • Isabella Caldwell (An Old Fashioned Christmas (2010))
  • Isabella Bird (Early Travellers in North America (1992))
  • Isabella Linares (Disneyland (1954))
  • Isabella Zanconia (The Jackal (1997))
  • Princess Isabella (Robin Hood (2010))
  • Isabella Hudson (Final Destination 2 (2003))
  • Sister Isabella (Mercy Street (2016))
  • Isabella Holm (Salatut elämät (1999))
  • Isabella Windfeld (2900 Happiness (2007))
  • Isabella Smith (Thir13en Ghosts (2001))
  • Isabella Oliveira (Woman on Top (2000))
  • Isabella Fuentes (Warehouse 13 (2009))
  • Isabella Pernao (The L Word (2004))
  • Isabella 'Izzie' (The Princess Academy (1987))
  • Isabella Stone (The Blacklist (2013))
  • Isabella Schoppenroth (Tatort (1970))
  • Isabella Molina (Rush Hour 2 (2001))
  • Isabella-2 (Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension (2011))
  • Isabella Jones (Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001))
  • Isabella's Husband (Final Destination 2 (2003))
  • Isabella Cooksey (CSI: NY (2004))
  • Isabella Keyes (Dead Rising 3 (2013))
  • Isabella Rossi (The Devil Inside (2012))
  • Isabella Tyler (Without a Trace (2002))
  • Isabella Ramirez (Our Family Wedding (2010))
  • Isabella Parish (The Shadow Dancer (2005))
  • Isabella's clique (Wild Child (2008))
  • Isabella Berretta (Autochrome (2008))
  • Isabella Kortenaer (Goede tijden, slechte tijden (1990))
  • Isabella Parigi (The Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003))
  • Isabella's Husband (Grindin' (2007))
  • Isabella Cordova (Chase (2010))
  • Isabella Nieto (En los tacones de Eva (2006))
  • Isabella Stewart Gardner (Stolen (2005))
  • Senora Isabella Vega (The Mark of Zorro (1940))
  • Lady Iris Isabella Wheeler (The End for Shawn (2013))
  • Isabella Garcia-Shapiro (Phineas and Ferb (2007))
  • Isabella Beatrice Toscano Black (Days of Our Lives (1965))
  • Isabella Alden #3 (Loving (1983))
  • Isabella de la Fontaine (Prêt-à-Porter (1994))
  • Lady Isabella Palma (The Bold Caballero (1936))
  • Isabella 'Isi' Smith
  • Isabella Fields El-Ibrahimi (Rendition (2007))
  • Isabella de Alazon (Zorro contro Maciste (1963))
  • Donna Isabella de los Colibrados (Ung och kär (1950))

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