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Jacob Name

Gender : Male

Origin : English

Popularity : 4

Jacob Name Meaning

It is derived from the Hebrew yaaqov or akoh, meaning ‘supplanter or following after; replacement; initiative; intelligent’. Jacob supplanted his brother Esau by tricking him out of his inheritance and his father ’s blessing (Gen 25–27). The rivalry began in their mother ’s (Rebecca’s) womb when Esau was born. His twin brother Jacob followed shortly after while holding onto his brother ’s heel (Gen 25:25–26). Jacob eventually wrestled with the angel of the Lord and received a new name, Israel, meaning ‘Prince of God; champion of God; he who wrestles with the Lord’ (Gen 32:24–32). It became popular with the Jews after their captivity in Babylon in the form of Aqob, which later became Jakobos. Two of the apostles were bearers of the name. The English version is James, which became a name in its own right. It became Jakobus in the Dutch and Afrikaans communities. There are two main forms in Spain, that of Iago and Jaime. The French form is Jaques or Jake. The Welsh forms are Iago and Jago. Jake is the short form but Jack, also a short form, is now a name on its own. Famous people: Andries Wilhelmus Jacobus Pretorius (1798–1853), Boer (Afrikaner) leader and general. The city of Pretoria is named after him. Inspiration: Jacob became the patriarch of the Israelites and the bearer represents that. He wanted God’s blessing (starting even before his birth) and took initiative. The bearer represents these features (intelligence; initiative; determination; replacement) but also that he will follow in the Lord’s footsteps (Rev 19:4). See also Jack and James.

Jacob, the Bible tells us, is the supplanter—the crafty younger twin who tricked his older brotherEsau into giving him his birthright. Jacob has successfully supplanted all other names to becomenumber one in the United States since 1999. How did he do it? By having an important history—Jacob is a towering patriarch of Judaism; by appealing to Jews and Christians alike—both groups areusing the name with enthusiasm; and by having a forceful but friendly nickname: Jake.

Jacob is a boy name that comes from the English origin. Jacob name consists of 5 letters that have 2 vowels, 3 consonants and starts with J. It is listed in the top 1000 popular baby boy names in the United States in 2015. Jacob is a given name that is most common in English speaking countries, its number 32 in Australia , number 6 in Canada. It´s also popular in Scandinavia; it was a top name in Norway. The English baby boy name Jacob first appeared on the male naming lists in 1910 in Georgia and it entered for the first time the Top 10 in 1993. 15816 boys were named Jacob and this year, Jacob sits at number 4 in the U.S. charts - no change from number 4 since 2014, and as a first name, its highest position is in 1998 since 1880. It´s significantly less popular than it was at its peak in 1998. Also it is most popular in California with recorded 2540 babies given name Jacob in 2015 in this state. It is listed in the top 1000 popular baby boy names in the United Kingdom in 2015 and 4850 parents have chosen Jacob in UK. However, its popularity rank in England and Wales is 5, Scotland is 11 and North Ireland rank is 12.

Variations : Jakob, Jakobe, Jacoby, Jake, Coby, Giacomo, Jacques, Seamus, James

Nicknames : Jake, Jay, Coby

Alternatives : Zachary, Luke, Ezra, Caleb

Diminutives : Aqob, Cobie, Cobus, Coby, Coos, Diego, Giacomo, Hamesh, Hamish, Iago, Iame, Ianto, Jaap, Jack, Jackin, Jackobus, Jaco, Jacobo(Spanish), Jacobus, Jacomus, Jacopo, Jacques, Jago, Jaikie, Jaime, Jake, Jakin, Jako, Jakob, Jakobos, Jakobus, James, Jamettus, Jamie, Jamys, Jan, Jankin, Japie, Jaques, Jasha(Russian), Jax, Jim, Jimmie, Jimmy, Jock, Kobie, Kobus, Koos, Koot, Kootjie, Kosie, Kotie, Seamus, Shamus, Xacob, Xake, Yacov, Yagov, Yakob, Yakub, Yankel, Zuan

Jacob given name
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Jacob Name Numerology

Jacob name personality number is 6. They can fit in well with a variety of people and are very easy going and agreeable. The six personality is someone who loves to help others and who will give of him/herself tirelessly when needed. They love to see others reach their personal best. Six people are typically peace makers and try to avoid conflict. They can fit in well with a variety of people and are very easy going and agreeable.

Jacob name soul urge number is 7. They may also be described as rather private, reserved and secretive, but that explains why they understand inner feelings, aspirations and thoughts so well. They are driven by a need for deeper understanding and are often philosophical by nature. The highest calling of your soul is to learn about everything esoteric and scientific. It is knowledge that feeds your soul. You love to read and subjects such as history, science, physics, metaphysics, archaeology and religion fuel your rich imagination with ideas and inspiration. Many of you are geniuses and because of this one of the challenges of your number is to be understood by a stupid world.

Jacob name expression number is 4. Though such people are rather slow than fast in their actions, they are able to build solid foundations for others to continue. People with this number are considered down to earth, practical, and orderly. People with a 4 expression number are considered down to earth, orderly, and practical. Four people thrive in environments that are well-organized and they love stability and structure. You can get between the millstones and become a robot. You despise all unpredictable, fragile and unstable. Do not like the inconvenience, preferring proven and reliable, but these advantages are greatly slow performance disappointing and conceived, especially if your resources to the limit.

Jacob name balance number is 1. The person tends to be independent, self-sufficient and of an exploring nature. People with balance number 1 have the confidence and capability to handle a situation in an effective manner. But you should give value to the others viewpoints too.

Letter Analyis For Jacob Name

  • J is truthful, benevolent and intelligent. When it is the first consonant in a name the bearer will possess an unyielding desire not to give up and will therefore find success – eventually. Positively, intelligent, reliable and negatively, lazy.
  • A has a great deal of confidence which enables it to achieve objectives. When it is the first vowel in a name, the bearer tends to be alert and bold. Positively, A can be leader, confident but negatively, arrogant.
  • C is particularly good humoured and gets along well with others. Positively, it can be social, dexterous but negatively, negligent.
  • O is particularly studious. When it is the first vowel in a name, the person will be community minded and a good student. Positively O can be studious, responsible but negatively, it can be uncontrolled emotions.
  • B represents our emotional reactions. It is friendly, sympathetic and enjoys domesticity. Positively, B is bountiful, sensitive and negatively, belligerent.

Jacob Name Poem

  • J is for Joyful, always looking on the bright side
  • A is for Ardent, fiery passion
  • C is for Classy, you have oddles of style
  • O is for Observant, keenly perceptive
  • B is for Boisterous, always in high spirits

Famous People Named Jacob

  • Jacob Isaakszoon van Ruysdael Painter, b. 1628
  • Jacob Jordaens Painter, b. 1593
  • Jacob Bernoulli Mathematician, b. 1654
  • Jacob Grimm Writer, b. 1785
  • Jacob Burckhardt Historian, b. 1818
  • Jacob Zuma Politician, b. 1942
  • Jacob Tremblay Actor, Room
  • Irène Jacob Trois couleurs: Rouge
  • Jacob Pitts Actor, EuroTrip
  • Jacob Hopkins Actor, The Amazing World of Gumball
  • Jacob Vargas Actor, Luke Cage
  • Jacob Warner Actor, Hacksaw Ridge
  • Jacob Lofland Actor, Mud
  • Tyler Jacob Moore Actor, Shameless
  • Jacob Anderson Actor, Game of Thrones
  • Jacob Buster Actor, Colony
  • Jacob Artist Actor, Glee
  • Jacob Pechenik Producer, Before Midnight
  • Jacob Bertrand Actor, Rise of the Guardians
  • Jacob Tierney Actor, The Trotsky
  • Jacob Blair Actor, Underworld: Awakening
  • Jacob Smith Actor, Troy
  • Jacob Latimore Actor, The Maze Runner
  • Jacob Collins-Levy Actor, The White Princess
  • Jacob Reynolds Actor, Gummo
  • Jacob Young Actor, All My Children
  • Jacob Zachar Actor, Greek
  • Jacob Davich Actor, The Aviator
  • Jacob Hoppenbrouwer Actor, Bond of Silence
  • Jacob Estes Writer, Rings
  • Jacob Kogan Actor, Star Trek
  • Jacob Batalon Actor, Spider-Man: Homecoming
  • Jacob Ewaniuk Actor, Chirp
  • Jacob Wysocki Actor, Pitch Perfect
  • Jacob Derwig Actor, Het Diner
  • Jacob Patrick Producer, Believe
  • Jacob Ericksson Actor, Män som hatar kvinnor
  • Jacob 'Stitch' Duran Actor, Creed
  • Jacob Tomuri Stunts, Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Jacob Joseph Worton Actor, Baby's Day Out
  • Jacob Guenther Actor, The Stinky & Dirty Show
  • Jacob Sewell Actor, Gummo
  • Nicholas Jacob Actor, Out in the Dark
  • Jacob Matschenz Actor, Die Welle
  • Jacob Stuart Writer, An Addicting Picture
  • Jens Jacob Tychsen Actor, Ronal Barbaren

Movies With The Name Jacob In The Title

  • Jacob's Cry (1996)
  • Jeremiah of Jacob's Neck (1976 TV Movie)
  • 8 RATE     1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 -
  • Jacobinte Swargarajyam (2016)
  • Jacob's Ladder (I) (1990)
  • Les aventures de Rabbi Jacob (1973)
  • Postia pappi Jaakobille (2009)
  • Jakob, der Lügner (1974)
  • Utazás Jakabbal (1972)
  • The Story of Jacob and Joseph (1974 TV Movie)
  • Jacobs stege (1942)
  • Der wahre Jakob (1960)
  • Jacobs liste (1997 TV Movie)
  • Jacob (1994 TV Movie)
  • Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang (1978)
  • Les moutons de Jacob (2002)
  • Jacob's Hammer (2012)
  • Jacob Have I Loved (1989 TV Movie)
  • Zpráva o putování studentu Petra a Jakuba (2000)
  • The Killing of Jacob Marr (2010)
  • Jacob Two Two Meets the Hooded Fang (1999)
  • Aletta Jacobs, het hoogste streven (1995)
  • Jacob (I) (2011)
  • Jacobs frestelse (2001)
  • Der wahre Jakob (1931)
  • Jacob's Ladder (2017)

Fictional Characters Named Jacob

  • Jacob (Greatest Heroes of the Bible (1978))
  • Jacob (Trailer Park Boys: The Movie (2006))
  • Jacob (La cage aux folles (1978))
  • Jacob Marley (A Christmas Carol (2009))
  • Jacob Black (Twilight (2008))
  • Jacob Grimm (Sleeping Beauty (2014))
  • Jacob Hamre (Varg Veum - De døde har det godt (2012))
  • Jacob Blu (WWF Superstars of Wrestling (1986))
  • Jacob (Hot Tub Time Machine (2010))
  • Jacob (Lost (2004))
  • Jacob (A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Child (1989))
  • Jacob (Children of the Corn (2009))
  • Jacob (Erasmus Montanus (1973))
  • Jacob (A Simple Plan (1998))
  • Jacob (House Husbands (2012))
  • Jacob (Them (2010))
  • Jacob (The Blacksmith and the Carpenter (2007))
  • Jacob (An Evergreen Christmas (2014))
  • Jacob (Blood Deep (2005))
  • Jacob (Zombie Office (2009))
  • Jacob (Excuse Me for Living (2012))
  • Jacob (Seconds (2008))
  • Jacob (Zero Hour (2013))
  • Jacob (2 Broke Girls (2011))
  • Jacob (Jacob's Ladder (1990))
  • Jacobs (Stolen (2012))
  • Jacob (Zulu (1964))
  • Jacob (Resurrection (2014))
  • Jacob (Fruit Fly (2009))
  • Jacobs (Young Doctors in Love (1982))
  • Jacob (Boks (2006))
  • Jacob (Calico (2011))
  • Jacob (Midnight Clear (2006))
  • Jacob (We Are Men (2013))
  • Jacob (Into the Storm (2014))
  • Jacob (Like Crazy (2011))
  • Jacob (To Sleep with a Vampire (1993))
  • Jacob (Magik )
  • Jacob (12 and Holding (2005))
  • Jacob (Around the Block (2013))
  • Jacob (Risk (2001))
  • Jacob (Frostbiten (2006))
  • Jacob (I Am Dina (2002))
  • Jacob (Road Trip (2000))
  • Jacob (28 Weeks Later (2007))
  • Jacob (Undressed (1999))
  • Jacob (Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009))
  • Jacob (The Station Agent (2003))
  • Jacob (The Beast (2012))
  • Jacob (Wildflowers (1999))
  • Jacob (Grapple! (2010))
  • Jacob (Westworld (2016))
  • Jacob (The Red Sneakers (2002))
  • Jacob (Headhunter (2009))
  • Jacob (Ink (2009))
  • Jacob (For the Love of Money (2012))
  • Jacob (Little Manhattan (2005))
  • Jacobs (NPCs (2014))
  • Jacob (Here Comes the Boom (2012))
  • Jacob (Emelie (2015))
  • Jacob (Ben-Hur (2016))
  • Jacob (Z Nation (2014))
  • Jacob (Say Uncle (2005))
  • Jacob (Herman (2013))
  • Jacob (Chinaman's Chance: America's Other Slaves (2008))
  • Jacob (Hope for Love (2013))
  • Jacob (Wapos Bay: The Series (2005))
  • Jacob (Saturday Night Live (1975))
  • Jacob (Leader of the Pack (2012))
  • Jacob (Call of the Wild (2000))
  • Jacob (Motorcity (2012))
  • Jacob (Our First Christmas (2008))
  • Jacob (Big Love (2006))
  • Jacob (Manglehorn (2014))
  • Jacob (New York, I Love You (2008))
  • Jacob (Amazon (1999))
  • Jacob (The Amateur (2014))
  • Jacob (Three Priests (2008))
  • Jacob (Step Up 3D (2010))
  • Jacob (Water for Elephants (2011))
  • Jacob (Friends Effing Friends Effing Friends (2016))
  • Jacob (The Secret Life of the American Teenager (2008))
  • Jacob (Kill Switch (2008))
  • Jacob (Outcast (2014))
  • Jacob (Redcon-1 (2017))
  • Max Jacob (Modigliani (2004))
  • Jacob Freud (Freud (1962))
  • Jacob Goodnight (See No Evil (2006))
  • Jacob Armitage (The Children of the New Forest (1964))
  • Jacob Dillon (Whistling in the Dark (1933))
  • Jacob Baines (Jacob Baines (in development))
  • Jacob Goodman (April Fool (1926))
  • Joe Jacobs (Ring of Passion (1978))
  • Maggie Jacobs (Extras (2005))
  • Jacob Witting (Sarah, Plain and Tall (1991))
  • Jacob Kowalski (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016))
  • Mike Jacobs (Joe and Max (2002))
  • Jacob Smallbury (Far from the Madding Crowd (2015))
  • Jacob Krause (The Moment After (1999))
  • Jacob Hoogenduck (So Big (1924))
  • Myra Jacobs (Ally McBeal (1997))
  • Jacob Goldman (Grumpy Old Men (1993))
  • Jacob's Mother (See No Evil (2006))
  • Jacob Levine (Beau Ideal (1931))
  • Peter Jacobs (Fear of the Dark (2001))
  • Adam Jacobs (Higher Education (1994))
  • Dr. Jacobs (Of Human Bondage (1964))
  • Jacob Barton (Die Vampirschwestern (2012))
  • Jacob Fuller (From Dusk Till Dawn (1996))
  • Jacob Sumbody
  • Michael Jacobs (Fear of the Dark (2001))
  • Jacob Sartorius (Life of Jacob (2016))
  • George Jacobs
  • Controller Jacobs (Airplane! (1980))
  • Jacob Taylor (Mass Effect 2 (2010))
  • Steven Jacobs (Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011))
  • Jacob Twisden (Loyalties (1933))
  • Jacob Wood (The Most Unusual Mr Wood (2015))
  • Rabbi Jacob (La joie de faire rire (2006))
  • Raymond Jacobs (Flikken (1999))
  • Jacob Briscoe (Bonanza: Under Attack (1995))
  • Jacob Marshall (Love's Unending Legacy (2007))
  • Little Jacob (The Old Curiosity Shop (1979))
  • Jacob Fox (Hank Williams First Nation (2005))
  • Christopher Jacobs (Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction (2005))
  • Jacob Rossler (24 (2001))
  • Paul Jacobs (Familie (1991))
  • Aaron Jacobs
  • Jacob Posner (Monk (2002))
  • Jacob Novak (WWE NXT (2010))
  • Jacob McCandles (Big Jake (1971))
  • Jacob Horvath (Animal Factory (2000))
  • Jacob Goldberg (Dynasty (1969))
  • Darrin Jacobs (The District (2000))
  • Jacob Buchanan (Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds (2006))
  • Jacob Heckum (Broken Horses (2015))
  • Jacob Vervierd (Scammerhead (2014))
  • Jacob Sternwood (Welcome to the Punch (2013))
  • Arthur Jacobs (My Week with Marilyn (2011))
  • Jacob Tanner (Speechless... (2001))
  • Jacob Kline (Waltzing Anna (2006))
  • Jacob Raaspit (We zijn weer thuis (1989))
  • Jacob Dawes (Criminal Minds (2005))
  • Norman Jacobs (Goosebumps (1995))
  • Jacob Bonte (Dagboek van een herdershond (1978))
  • Jacob White (Vampires Suck (2010))
  • Hauke Jacobs (Nord bei Nordwest (2014))
  • Ernie Jacobs (Home and Away (1988))
  • Jacob Campbell (Drop Dead Diva (2009))
  • Les Jacobs (Newsies (1992))
  • Jacob Clark (The Secret Liars (2014))
  • Jacob Langley (Lead Balloon (2006))
  • Aaron Jacobs (Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (1996))
  • Jacob Wells (The Following (2013))
  • Miriam Jacobs (Suzie Gold (2004))
  • Jacob Clarke (Taken (2002))
  • Jacob K. (I Know Who Killed Me (2007))
  • Jacob Booth (Channel Zero (2016))
  • Jacob Waller (Ray Donovan (2013))
  • Jacob's Mother (Tag (2015))
  • Jacob Pederson (Efter brylluppet (2006))
  • Jacob Frye (Assassin's Creed: Syndicate (2015))
  • Jacob Early (The Ultimate Life (2013))
  • General Jacobs (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013))
  • Jacob Green (My Safe Space (2016))
  • Jacob Kell (Highlander: Endgame (2000))
  • Jacob King (The Swing (2007))
  • Jacob Brawley (Murder 101: If Wishes Were Horses (2007))
  • Monica Jacobs (Person of Interest (2011))
  • Jacob Palmer (Crazy, Stupid, Love. (2011))
  • Jacob Rickter (The Good Wife (2009))
  • Nurse Jacobs (M*A*S*H (1972))
  • David Jacobs (Newsies (1992))
  • Jacob Wooten (NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service (2003))
  • Ben Jacobs (Unrequited (2010))
  • Jacob Mahler (The XYY Man (1976))
  • Jacob Fransman (Wildschut & De Vries (2000))
  • Jacob Copplestone (Belonging (2004))
  • Jacob Broadsky (Bones (2005))
  • Jacob's Attorney (Longmire (2012))
  • Jacob Gold (Monday Mornings (2013))
  • Mayor Jacobs (Musical: The Online Musical (2010))
  • Steve Jacobs (Enlightened (2011))
  • Jacob Fischer (Criminal Law (1988))
  • Jacob Coote (Looking for Alibrandi (2000))
  • Jacob Azoulay (Revivre (2009))
  • Paul Jacobs (Heiter bis tödlich - Zwischen den Zeilen (2013))
  • Jacob Appley (Paranoid (2016))
  • Jacob Lindner (Meiden van de Wit (2002))
  • Siddy Jacobs (The Bill (1984))
  • Suzanne Jacobs (Goede tijden, slechte tijden (1990))
  • Wim Jacobs (Zone stad (2003))
  • Max Jacob (Das Haus ihres Vaters (2010))
  • Rik Jacobs (Flikken (1999))
  • Jacob Orr (Chosen (2013))
  • Jacob Fury (Avengers (1999))
  • Rabbi Jacob (Les aventures de Rabbi Jacob (1973))
  • Jacob Floyd (Cyberkidz (1996))
  • Jacob McTeague (Slow Burn (2000))
  • Jacob Beckoff (Torch Song Trilogy (1988))

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