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Noah Name

Gender : Male

Origin : English

Popularity : 1

Noah Name Meaning

Hebrew and means ‘comfort; long-lived; repose; rest’. Noah built the Ark at the Lord’s command even though all the people mocked him (Gen 5–10; Num 26:33; 27:1; 36:11; Josh 17:3; 1 Chron 1:1, 4; Isa 54:9; Eze 14:14, 20; Matt 24:27–30; Luke 3:36, 17:26–27; Heb 11:7; 1 Pet 3:20; 2 Pet 2:5). Nahum means ‘the comfort of Jehovah’. Nahum was a prophet from Elkosh and the author of the Book of Nahum in the Bible. Famous people: Noah Webster (1758–1843), an American lexicographer and author of several reputable dictionaries and history books. Inspiration: The name represents a bringer of comfort and rest. The bearer has favour in God’s eyes and represents righteousness. The Lord is our Comforter (Gen 5:29).

Noah (“at rest,” “peaceful”) has hit the big time. Once a squarely Jewish name (and adopted byPuritans), Noah is now in the top twenty and widely used by everyone. Noah’s story is well known:He saved his family and the animals of earth from the great flood by following God’s instructions andbuilding an ark, allowing those he rescued to repopulate the world. Famous Noahs includelexicographer Noah Webster; Dr. Noah Drake, dreamy character on General Hospital in the 1980s;and ER actor Noah Wyle. The Hispanic and French version is Noë (know-EH).

Noah is a boy name that comes from the English origin. Noah name consists of 4 letters that have 2 vowels, 2 consonants and starts with N. It is listed in the top 1000 popular baby boy names in the United States in 2015. Noah is a given name that is most common in English speaking countries, its number 6 in Australia , number 14 in Canada and in the top 100 in Spain. It´s also popular in Scandinavia; it was a top name in Norway. The English baby boy name Noah first appeared on the male naming lists in 1910 in Alabama and it entered for the first time the Top 10 in 2009. 19511 boys were named Noah and this year, Noah sits at number 1 in the U.S. charts - no change from number 1 since 2014, and as a first name, its highest position is in 2015 since 1880. Also it is most popular in California with recorded 2751 babies given name Noah in 2015 in this state. 6 parents have chosen Noah but it is not listed in the top 1000 popular baby boy names in the United Kingdom in 2015 but listed in top 100 in Ireland at number 7. However, its popularity rank in England and Wales is 3615, Scotland is 15 and North Ireland rank is 3. Also some celebrities like this name and Joanna Page & James Thornton ( as Noah Wilder  ), Michael Bublé & Lusiana Lopilato ( as Noah  ), Alessandra Ambrosio & Jamie Mazur ( as Noah Phoenix  ), Josh & Jessica Lucas ( as Noah Rev  ), Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green ( as Noah Shannon  ) have given Noah name their sons.

Variation : Noe

Alternatives : Jonah, Abel, Judah, Ezra

Diminutives : Nahum, Noach, Noag, Noak, Noé

Noah given name
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Noah Name Numerology

Noah name personality number is 4. People tend to view them as having the answers and being knowledgeable. People with this personality are pillars of strength who are well-organized and structured. People tend to view them as having the answers and being knowledgeable. 4 People are considered reliable and steady and sometimes a tad too predictable or serious.

Noah name soul urge number is 7. They may also be described as rather private, reserved and secretive, but that explains why they understand inner feelings, aspirations and thoughts so well. They are driven by a need for deeper understanding and are often philosophical by nature. The highest calling of your soul is to learn about everything esoteric and scientific. It is knowledge that feeds your soul. You love to read and subjects such as history, science, physics, metaphysics, archaeology and religion fuel your rich imagination with ideas and inspiration. Many of you are geniuses and because of this one of the challenges of your number is to be understood by a stupid world.

Noah name expression number is 2. They love to work in conjunction with other people, support them and assist, and all this defines their way of living. They are quite intuitive and can sense the feelings of others which leads to this innate ability for teamwork. They are quite intuitive and can sense the feelings of others which leads to this innate ability for teamwork. Your intuition is highly developed, it allows you to see through people. However, you act with tact and perseverance. Expression number 2 have a talent for working with people, you have the tact and finesse. Your intuition is highly developed, it allows you to see through people. However, you act with tact and perseverance and perfectly able to support the people and able to achieve their maximum.

Noah name balance number is 5. They are able to find creative solutions to problems, when making the effort and taking the time to focus on them. They need give importance to the innovative ways of solving a problem. People with 5 as their balance number have rigid and conventional viewpoint. You are averse to adapting to changing conditions. You like to tread in the conventional way. You use the tried and tested ways in dealing with a situation.

Letter Analyis For Noah Name

  • N represents imagination. It is intuitive and communicative. Positively, N can be intuitive, certain but negatively, it can be covetous.
  • O is particularly studious. When it is the first vowel in a name, the person will be community minded and a good student. Positively O can be studious, responsible but negatively, it can be uncontrolled emotions.
  • A has a great deal of confidence which enables it to achieve objectives. When it is the first vowel in a name, the bearer tends to be alert and bold. Positively, A can be leader, confident but negatively, arrogant.
  • H has a great deal of business acumen and will therefore find profits through most endeavours. When it is the first consonant of a name the bearer is likely to be successful in business. Positively, successful, self-contained and negatively, self-absorbed.

Noah Name Poem

  • N is for Noble, an honorable heart
  • O is for Observant, keenly perceptive
  • A is for Ardent, fiery passion
  • H is for Hip, ahead of the times

Famous People Named Noah

  • Noah Webster Linguist, b. 1758
  • Noah Hawley Writer, Fargo
  • Noah Schnapp Actor, Stranger Things
  • Noah Hathaway Actor, Die unendliche Geschichte
  • Noah Wyle Actor, ER
  • Noah Gray-Cabey Actor, Heroes
  • Noah Emmerich Actor, The Truman Show
  • Noah Taylor Actor, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Noah Baumbach Writer, Greenberg
  • Noah Centineo Actor, The Fosters
  • Taran Noah Smith Actor, Home Improvement
  • Noah Lindsey Cyrus Gake no ue no Ponyo
  • Noah Galvin Actor, The Real O'Neals
  • Noah Ringer Actor, The Last Airbender
  • Noah Silver Actor, Tyrant
  • Noah Munck Actor, Bad Teacher
  • Noah Bean Actor, Morning Glory
  • Trevor Noah Writer, The Daily Show
  • Noah Fleiss Actor, Brick
  • Noah Urrea Actor, A Madea Christmas
  • Noah Danby Actor, Riddick
  • Noah Beery Jr. Actor, The Rockford Files
  • Noah Segan Actor, Looper
  • Noah Oppenheim Producer, Today
  • Noah Lomax Actor, Safe Haven
  • Noah Jupe Actor, A Song for Jenny
  • Noah Huntley Actor, 28 Days Later...
  • Noah Mills Actor, Sex and the City 2
  • Noah Wiseman Actor, The Babadook
  • Noah Crawford Actor, Land of the Lost
  • Noah Blake Actor, General Hospital
  • Noah Guthrie Actor, Glee
  • Noah Cappe Actor, The Good Witch
  • Noah Robbins Actor, Grease Live!
  • Noah Grossman Actor, Smosh
  • Noah Reid Actor, Strange Days at Blake Holsey High
  • Noah Schnacky Actor, Turtle Tale
  • Noah Harpster Actor, Transparent
  • Noah Beery Actor, The Mark of Zorro
  • Noah Brown Actor, Alaskan Bush People
  • Noah Le Gros Actor, Wolves

Movies With The Name Noah In The Title

  • Noah's Arc (2004)
  • The Book of Noah (2007)
  • Trevor Noah: Afraid of the Dark (2017 TV Movie)
  • The Simple Life of Noah Dearborn (1999 TV Movie)
  • L'arche de Noé (2000)
  • Noah's Animals (1976 TV Movie)
  • VeggieTales: Noah's Ark (2015)
  • Noah (2011)
  • Noah's Ark (1928)
  • Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom (2008)
  • The Noah (1975)
  • L'arche de Noé (1947)
  • Noah (2014)
  • Ooops! Noah is Gone... (2015)
  • The Last Flight of Noah's Ark (1980)
  • Noah (III) (2012)
  • Die Schüsse der Arche Noah (1983)
  • El arca (2007)
  • Operation Noah (1998 TV Movie)
  • Das Arche Noah Prinzip (1984)
  • Trevor Noah: Daywalker Revisited (2010)
  • Noé bárkája (2007)
  • Trevor Noah: The Nationwild Comedy Tour (2015)
  • Visus-Expedition Arche Noah (2011 TV Movie)
  • Noah's Room

Fictional Characters Named Noah

  • Noah (The Bible: In the Beginning... (1966))
  • Noah (No Tomorrow (1999))
  • Noah (Happy Feet (2006))
  • Noah's Wife (The Bible: In the Beginning... (1966))
  • Noah Claypole (Oliver! (1968))
  • Noah Levenstein (American Pie (1999))
  • Noah 'Puck' Puckerman (Glee (2009))
  • Noah Dietrich (The Aviator (2004))
  • Noah (Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom (2008))
  • Noah (The Black Dawn (2009))
  • Noah (Jacob Two Two Meets the Hooded Fang (1999))
  • Noah (Doctor Who (1963))
  • Noah (Spooky Stakeout (2015))
  • Noah (Anna Lucasta (1949))
  • Noah (Mensch, Pia! (1996))
  • Noah (The Notebook (2004))
  • Noah (Switched at Birth (2011))
  • Noah (Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce (2014))
  • Noah (Generator Rex (2010))
  • Noah (Psycho Girlfriend (2009))
  • Noah (Hunting for Shadows (2016))
  • Noah (Omen IV: The Awakening (1991))
  • Noah (Tideland (2005))
  • Noah (The Breed (2006))
  • Noah (Prozac Nation (2001))
  • Noah (After Tomorrow (2013))
  • Noah (Silicon Valley (2014))
  • Noah (Roots (1977))
  • Noah (The Last Light (2014))
  • Noah (A Night of Nightmares (2012))
  • Noah (EastEnders (1985))
  • Noah (Malcolm in the Middle (2000))
  • Noah (A Little Help (2010))
  • Noah (Power Rangers Megaforce (2013))
  • Noah (Swamp Shark (2011))
  • Noah (D-Tox (2002))
  • Noah (Timeless (2016))
  • Noah (Go Girls (2009))
  • Noah (The Lodge (2016))
  • Noah (Underground (2016))
  • Noah (See Jane Date (2003))
  • Noah (Archer (2009))
  • Noah (Ninjas vs. Monsters (2012))
  • Noah (The Vampire Diaries (2009))
  • Noah (Weeds (2005))
  • Noah (A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas (2011))
  • Noah (She Wants Me (2012))
  • Noah (Tomboy (2011))
  • Noah (Aces 'N' Eights (2008))
  • Noah (Grey's Anatomy (2005))
  • Noah (Instant Mom (2013))
  • Noah (Miss Behave (2010))
  • Noah (Burning Love (2012))
  • Noah (The Fosters (2013))
  • Noah (The Zeroes (2014))
  • Noah (Goosebumps (1995))
  • Noah (Atomic Betty (2004))
  • Noah (The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day (2009))
  • Noah (I

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