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Victoria Name

Gender : Female

Origin : English

Popularity : 20

Victoria Name Meaning

Latin female variant of Victor, derived from vincere and means ‘conqueror; winner or victory’. The related Vincentia is derived from vincens and means ‘conquering’, thus victorious. According to the Greek mythology Zeus had his own attendants and Nike (Victoria) was the goddess of victory. He loved her so much that he kept an image of her in his hand. The name was popular with the early Christians for the implication of victory over evil. St Victoria was a 3rd century Roman martyr. She was put to death for refusing to marry a pagan man and worship his gods. The Italian Vittoria was derived from that. Queen Victoria of England was the first well-known bearer of the name. Famous: Innumerable things have been called Victoria: Lake Victoria, Victoria Falls, Victoria Cross and more. Inspiration: Victorious over evil. The bearer is more than a conqueror in Jesus (Rom 8:37). See also Victor.

Victoria means “victory,” and is an expansive, upbeat, but still very graceful and girlish name. Nowonder it has burst to the top of the charts. Victoria was one of the most beloved and influentialmonarchs in British history, and the name has a regal bearing by association, suggesting high teas,sumptuous velvets, and delicate lace. With a variety of nicknames, it’s extremely versatile.

Victoria is a girl name that comes from the English origin. Victoria name consists of 8 letters that have 4 vowels, 4 consonants and starts with V. It is listed in the top 1000 popular baby girl names in the United States in 2015. Victoria is a given name that is most common in English speaking countries, its number 79 in Australia , number 43 in Canada and in the top 100 in Spain. It´s also popular in Scandinavia; it was a top name in Norway. The English baby girl name Victoria first appeared on the female naming lists in 1910 in Alabama. 7575 girls were named Victoria and this year, Victoria sits at number 20 in the U.S. charts - 1 points decline from number 19 in 2014, and as a first name, its highest position is in 1993 since 1880. It´s significantly less popular than it was at its peak in 1993. Also it is most popular in California with recorded 1568 babies given name Victoria in 2015 in this state. It is listed in the top 1000 popular baby girl names in the United Kingdom in 2015 and given name Victoria succeed to enter the top 500 in France in the same year and 604 parents have chosen Victoria in UK. However, its popularity rank in England and Wales is 92, Scotland is 113 and North Ireland rank is 136. Also celebrity likes this name and Michael & Yvette Jordan ( as Victoria ) have given Victoria name their daughter.

Variations : Victory (moderntwist), VictoireorVictorine (French), Vittoria (Italian), Viktoria (EasternEuropean)

Nicknames : Vicki (youngandgamine), Tori (youngbutsophisticated), Ria (cool), Vic (tomboy), Vita (tolife!)

Alternatives : Eugenia, Edwina, Veronica, Clementine, Arabella

Diminutives : Vacuna, Vincentia, Vicky, Victoire(French), Victorine, Vitoria, Vittoria

Victoria given name
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Victoria Name Numerology

Victoria name personality number is 9. This personality is seen as conscientious, inspiring and having a strong charisma and influence. The nine personality is naturally charming, very well-versed in many subjects, and very idealistic and positive. Nine personalities tend to be naturally able to lead groups of people and others tend to gravitate towards their strong positive energy.

Victoria name soul urge number is 7. They may also be described as rather private, reserved and secretive, but that explains why they understand inner feelings, aspirations and thoughts so well. They are driven by a need for deeper understanding and are often philosophical by nature. The highest calling of your soul is to learn about everything esoteric and scientific. It is knowledge that feeds your soul. You love to read and subjects such as history, science, physics, metaphysics, archaeology and religion fuel your rich imagination with ideas and inspiration. Many of you are geniuses and because of this one of the challenges of your number is to be understood by a stupid world.

Victoria name expression number is 7. The mission of such people is to share the acquired knowledge with the rest of human beings and then uncover truth and wisdom in all possible forms. People with a Seven expression number are very intelligent, intuitive. Seven people are motivated in life by a need for greater understanding and are often drawn to philosophical, spiritual. Seven people tend to be rather introverted and require a great deal of personal space in order to thrive. Have the clarity of thought and perseverance in the search for truth. Could become a scientist, a teacher in philosophy. You driven by a desire for justice and knowledge. You should learn to distinguish between the world of illusion and reality, you are well equipped to perform these tasks. Sharp mind helps you to learn the secrets of life.

Victoria name balance number is 4. Their self-discipline and the practical approach to life are both the balance. They are emotional and fail to view situations and solve problems in a practical way. You are conventional and uncompromising. You are emotional and fail to view situations and solve problems in a practical way. You have preconceived ideas about things, and should learn to examine a situation to the fullest and come to a conclusion only after considering all its pros and cons.

Letter Analyis For Victoria Name

  • V is an industrial letter which is tireless and efficient. Positively, V can be honest, loyal and negatively, unpredictable.
  • I represents law and as a general rule is sensitive, compassionate and humane. Positively, inspirational, impulsive and negatively, quick to anger.
  • C is particularly good humoured and gets along well with others. Positively, it can be social, dexterous but negatively, negligent.
  • T is a restless letter which seeks answers to spiritual questions. When it is the first consonant in a name, the carrier will have extra strength to help other and tends to be long suffering. negatively, T is overly emotional and is often easily influenced by the opinions of others. Positively, it can be emotionally expressive, restless but negatively, easily influenced.
  • O is particularly studious. When it is the first vowel in a name, the person will be community minded and a good student. Positively O can be studious, responsible but negatively, it can be uncontrolled emotions.
  • R is tolerant and humane but has a tendency to become short tempered. When it is the first consonant in a name the bearer will often act as peacemaker. Positively, R can be even-tempered, stable but negatively, short-tempered.
  • I represents law and as a general rule is sensitive, compassionate and humane. Positively, inspirational, impulsive and negatively, quick to anger.
  • A has a great deal of confidence which enables it to achieve objectives. When it is the first vowel in a name, the bearer tends to be alert and bold. Positively, A can be leader, confident but negatively, arrogant.

Victoria Name Poem

  • V is for Valiant, possessing bravery
  • I is for Important, your friendship is an asset
  • C is for Clownish, hilarity ensues
  • T is for Truth, living life with honesty
  • O is for Orderly, ever organized
  • R is for Rare, you are a gem
  • I is for Important, your friendship is an asset
  • A is for Alluring, so attractive

Famous People Named Victoria

  • Victoria Azarenka Tennis Player, b. 1989
  • Victoria Silvstedt Model, b. 1974
  • Victoria Beckham Singer, b. 1974
  • Victoria Justice Victorious
  • Victoria Hamilton Toast
  • Victoria Principal Dallas
  • Victoria Smurfit The Beach
  • Victoria Rowell Diagnosis Murder
  • Victoria Yeates Call the Midwife
  • Victoria Pratt Mutant X
  • Victoria Vetri Rosemary's Baby
  • Victoria Tennant L.A. Story
  • Noree Victoria American Crime Story
  • Victoria Moroles Teen Wolf
  • Victoria Silvstedt Self, BASEketball
  • Grace Victoria Cox Under the Dome
  • Victoria Jackson UHF
  • Sanai Victoria Beaches
  • Victoria Beckham Thanks, Bend It Like Beckham
  • Victoria De Mare Werewolf in a Womens Prison
  • Victoria Spader Set Decorator, Sex, Lies, and Videotape
  • Victoria Vida Project Mc²
  • Victoria Atkin Assassin's Creed: Syndicate
  • Victoria Abril Átame!
  • Victoria Cartagena Gotham
  • Victoria Dillard Spin City
  • Victoria Baldesarra The Next Step
  • Victoria Park Everything Before Us
  • Victoria Shaw General Hospital
  • Maria-Victoria Dragus Das weiße Band - Eine deutsche Kindergeschichte
  • Victoria Duffy The Blackout
  • Victoria Mahoney Director, Yelling to the Sky
  • Natalie Victoria Last Shift
  • Victoria Alonso Producer, Iron Man
  • Victoria Carroll Scooby-Doo Meets the Boo Brothers
  • Victoria Levine Submission
  • Victoria Racimo Ernest Goes to Camp
  • Victoria Nowak The Dark Tower
  • Victoria Snow Taken
  • Victoria Barabas WingWoman
  • Victoria Haynes Rachel Getting Married
  • Victoria Paige Meyerink Speedway
  • Victoria Wood Writer, Victoria Wood: With All the Trimmings

Movies With The Name Victoria In The Title

  • Victoria Regina (1961 TV Movie)
  • Victòria! La gran aventura d'un poble (1983)
  • Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2014 TV Movie)
  • The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2012 TV Movie)
  • Victoria Wood: Sold Out (1991 TV Movie)
  • Victor/Victoria (1995 TV Movie)
  • Victoria Wood's All Day Breakfast (1992 TV Movie)
  • Victoria (II) (2015)
  • Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2015 TV Movie)
  • Victor Victoria (1982)
  • Victoria & Albert (2001 TV Movie)
  • Minggu pagi di Victoria Park (2010)
  • Victoria (III) (2008)
  • The Young Victoria (2009)
  • Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2016 TV Movie)
  • Looking for Victoria (2003 TV Movie)
  • Victoria No. 203 (1972)
  • Victòria! 2: La disbauxa del 17 (1983)
  • 7 RATE     1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 -
  • La victoria (1973 TV Movie)
  • Victòria! 3: El seny i la rauxa (1984)
  • Victoria the Great (1937)
  • Victoria (2016)
  • Mon amie Victoria (2014)
  • Victoria's Secret: What Is Sexy? 2008 (2008 TV Movie)
  • Victoria Day (2009)

Fictional Characters Named Victoria

  • Victoria (WWF SmackDown! (1999))
  • Victoria (Twilight (2008))
  • Victoria (Adventures of Louanna Lee: The Movie (2015))
  • Victoria Beckham (Spice World (1997))
  • Victoria Waterfield (Doctor Who (1963))
  • Victoriano Huerta (Viva Zapata! (1952))
  • Victoria Winters (Dark Shadows (1966))
  • Victoria Page (The Red Shoes (1948))
  • Victoria (Class of Nuke 'Em High Part II: Subhumanoid Meltdown (1991))
  • Victoria (Love in a Cold Climate (2001))
  • Victoria (El zurdo (1965))
  • Victoria (Lilo & Stitch (2002))
  • Victoria (Extreme Measure 2 (2006))
  • Victoria (RED (2010))
  • Victoria (Take Three Girls (1969))
  • Victoria (Open House (2014))
  • Victoria (Mamá (2008))
  • Victoria (Oblivion (2013))
  • Victoria (The Darling Buds of May (1991))
  • Victoria (Justify (2010))
  • Victoria (Catacombs (2007))
  • Victoria (Dhoom:3 (2013))
  • Victoria (35 and Ticking (2011))
  • Victoria (Star Wars: Slight Ticket Malfunction (2015))
  • Victoria (Down River (2013))
  • Victoria (Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001))
  • Victoria (The Mask of Diijon (1946))
  • Victoria
  • Victoria (Nativity! (2009))
  • Victoria (Hanging Up (2000))
  • Victoria (Dying to See You (2013))
  • Victoria (Battling for Baby (1992))
  • Victoria (American Psycho (2000))
  • Victoria (Guess Whom (2011))
  • Victoria (Guy Parker: Murder at Midnight (in development))
  • Victoria (How I Met Your Mother (2005))
  • Victoria (Desperately Seeking Susan (1985))
  • Victoria (Al salir de clase (1997))
  • Victoria (WebKam (2010))
  • Victoria (Demon Hunters: Dead Camper Lake (2004))
  • Victoria (Clash of the Santas (2008))
  • Victoria (The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff (2011))
  • Victoria (The Association (2015))
  • Victoria (Fathers' Day (1997))
  • Victoria (Herederos de una venganza (2011))
  • Victoria (Lars and the Real Girl (2007))
  • Victoria (Guardians of the Galaxy (2015))
  • Victoria (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999))
  • Victoria (Six Feet Under (2001))
  • Victoria (Victoria (2015))
  • Victoria (Midnight Show (2016))
  • Victoria (Bachelorette (2012))
  • Victoria (Victoria (2013))
  • Victoria (Rise of the Zombies (2012))
  • Victoria (The Long Good Friday (1980))
  • Victoria (Victoria's Shadow (2001))
  • Victoria (Listen to Your Heart (2010))
  • Victoria (Tres deseos (2008))
  • Victoria (Suddenly Susan (1996))
  • Victoria (Freedom Writers (2007))
  • Victoria (La corrispondenza (2016))
  • Victoria (The Mudlark (1950))
  • Victoria (Madea's Family Reunion (2006))
  • Victoria (Winter's Bone (2010))
  • Victoria (Father of the Pride (2004))
  • Victoria (WWE Monday Night RAW (1993))
  • Victoria (Alice in Storageland (2004))
  • Victoria (Rubout (2003))
  • Victoria (No Strings Attached (2011))
  • Victoria (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (2017))
  • Victoria (Milf (2010))
  • Victoria (Casanova (2005))
  • Victoria (Stockard Channing in Just Friends (1979))
  • Victoria (10 Items or Less (2006))
  • Victoria (Johnson & Friends (1990))
  • Victoria (Intersect (2009))
  • Victoria (Sensored (2009))
  • Victoría (Una promesa para todos (1978))
  • Victoria (The Magicians (2015))
  • Victoria (Category 5 (2014))
  • Victoria (Valiant (2005))
  • Victoria (Stardust (2007))
  • Victoria (Our Lips Are Sealed (2000))
  • Victoria (Sideways (2004))
  • Victoria (This Mad World (1930))
  • Victoria (Penguin (2011))
  • Victoria (Unleashed (2005))
  • Victoria (Tanner Hall (2009))
  • Victoria (My Mad Fat Diary (2013))
  • Queen Victoria (The Young Victoria (2009))
  • Queen Victoria (Victoria & Albert (2001))
  • Princess Victoria (Lord Mountbatten: The Last Viceroy (1986))
  • Victoria Grant (Victor Victoria (1982))
  • Victoria Johnson (Miss Marple: A Caribbean Mystery (1989))
  • Principal Victoria (South Park (1997))
  • Guadalupe Victoria (Gritos de muerte y libertad (2010))
  • Victoria Lewyn (Chicago Fire (2012))
  • Victoria Phibes (The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971))
  • Victoria Johnson (A Caribbean Mystery (1983))
  • Victoria Carrera (D.R.E.A.M. Team (1999))
  • Victoria Sugden (Emmerdale Farm (1972))
  • Victoria Mason (Mr. Moto Takes a Chance (1938))
  • Seras Victoria (Hellsing Ultimate (2006))
  • Victoria Barkley (The Big Valley (1965))
  • Victoria Gotti (The Life and Death of John Gotti (2017))
  • Victoria Pratt (Heroes (2006))
  • Victoria Principal (The Larry Sanders Show (1992))
  • Victoria Escalante (Zorro (1990))
  • Victoria Claus (Christmas Is Here Again (2007))
  • Victoria Santiago (Resurrection Blvd. (2000))
  • Victoria Harrison (Instant Star (2004))
  • Victoria Fairchild (Persons Unknown (2010))
  • Victoria Miller (Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987))
  • Victoria's Assistant (The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (2015))
  • Victoria the Chambermaid (Black Knight (2001))
  • Victoria Little (The Guardian (2001))
  • Victoria Menendez (CSI: Miami (2002))
  • Victoria Nicholls (Robin's Nest (1977))
  • Victoria Hardwick (Smallville (2001))
  • Victoria Chapell (High School High (1996))
  • Victoria Winant (Dark City (1950))
  • Victoria Bärnsten (Tre kronor (1994))
  • Victoria Vinciguerra (The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (2015))
  • Victoria Goss (Kojak (1973))
  • Victoria Olazábal (Más allá del horizonte (1994))
  • Victoria Hand (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013))
  • Victoria Sloan (Jon (2012))
  • Victoria Cabot (Hotel (1983))
  • Victoria Snelling (Night on Earth (1991))
  • Victoria Leeds (Baywatch (2017))
  • Victoria Elaine (Sanctum (2011))
  • Victoria English (Pledge This! (2006))
  • Victoria Dillon (Caroline at Midnight (1994))
  • Victoria Dole (4:02 (2012))
  • Victoria Flynn (Mike & Molly (2010))
  • Victoria Duque (El Amor lo Manejo Yo (2014))
  • Victoria Griffin (Murder, She Wrote (1984))
  • Victoria 1985 (Cold Case (2003))
  • Victoria Brisbane (High Anxiety (1977))
  • Victoria Hadaway (The Toe Tactic (2008))
  • Victoria White (Snow (2004))
  • Victoria Berry (Auto Focus (2002))
  • Victoria Chase (The Collector (2009))
  • Victoria Velez (Ugly Betty (2006))
  • Victoria West (The Twilight Zone (1959))
  • Victoria Pond (Everything's Jake (2006))
  • Victoria Cannon (The High Chaparral (1967))
  • Victoria Leoni (The Don's Analyst (1997))
  • Victoria Everglot (Corpse Bride (2005))
  • Mistress Victoria (Auto Focus (2002))
  • Victoria Chase (Hot in Cleveland (2010))
  • Victoria Chase (Hot in Cleveland (2010))
  • Victoria Conlin (The Book of Daniel (2006))
  • Victoria Ratchford (Lovespring International (2006))
  • Victoria Lord (One Life to Live (2013))
  • Victoria Landers (Seduced and Betrayed (1995))
  • Victoria Sikes (Alien Nation (1989))
  • Victoria Lancer (Burke's Law (1994))
  • Victoria Kuznetsova (Zakrytaya shkola (2011))
  • Victoria Blackwood (Snowy River: The McGregor Saga (1993))
  • Principal Victoria (South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (1999))
  • Maria Victoria (Escobar: Paradise Lost (2014))
  • Victoria the Tiger (Father of the Pride (2004))
  • Victoria Webster (The Six Million Dollar Man (1974))
  • Victoria Marks (The Listener (2009))
  • Victoria Vickers (East Is East (1916))
  • Victoria Grayson (Revenge (2011))
  • Victoria Kowelska (The House on Telegraph Hill (1951))
  • Victoria Merrick (Holby City (1999))
  • Victoria Robeson (The Woman Who Sinned (1991))
  • Victoria Ryland (Perception (2012))
  • Victoria Fairchild (Persons Unknown (2010))
  • Victoria Hartley (Ugly Betty (2006))
  • Victoria Dale (Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011))
  • Victoria Gallegos (Rubí (2004))
  • Victoria Taylor (Privileged (2008))
  • Victoria Maason (Accommodations (2017))
  • Young Victoria (Hot in Cleveland (2010))
  • Victoria McPherson (Still Life (2005))
  • Victoria Hardwick (Smallville (2001))
  • Victoria Carlson (Miss Match (2003))
  • Victoria Ritter (The Bourne Stupidity (2009))
  • Victoria Peyton (Hot to Trot (1988))
  • Victoria Gray (People I Know (2002))
  • Victoria Royal (The Royal Family (1991))
  • Victoria Ballinger (Vega$ (1978))
  • Victoria Morrow (No Ordinary Family (2010))
  • Victoria Aragón (A Walk in the Clouds (1995))
  • Victoria Smeltzer (I Love You, Beth Cooper (2009))
  • Victoria Broyelard (Knots Landing (1979))
  • Victoria Adler (The Good Wife (2009))
  • Victoria Barnes (The Five-Year Engagement (2012))
  • Victoria Grall (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999))
  • Victoria Ware (Gentleman Jim (1942))
  • Victoria's Maid (Listen to Your Heart (2010))
  • Victoria Parrish (Summer Catch (2001))
  • Victoria Lasseter (American Ultra (2015))
  • Victoria Sparrow (GRiTZ (2017))
  • Victoria Munroe (Haunting Fear (1990))
  • Victoria Garcia (Rockabye (1986))

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